EPC- The Sole Distributor of Fakopp Products in Hong Kong & Macau
Release time:2021-02-01
EPC- The Sole Distributor of Fakopp Products in Hong Kong & Macau
Congratulations to Earth Products China Limited being the Sole Distributor of Fakopp Products in Hong Kong & Macau.
Fakopp was established in 2005, in order to develop, produce and market testing equipment for forestry and the wood industries. Fakopp developes innovative measurement and evaluation techniques for tree risk assessment and wood quality evaluation. Fakopp products make it possible to detect hidden decay or damaged root system in a non-destructive way.
Non-destructive tree evaluation- Fakopp 3D Acoustic Tomograph

Fakopp 3D Acoustic Tomograph is able to non-destructively detect the size and location of decayed or hollow parts in the trunk. It works based on sound velocity measurement between several sensors around the trunk. The basic measurement principle is that sound velocity drops if there is a hole between two sensors.

● The sensors are compact start and stop sensors at the same time, thus the measurement is faster;
● It requires only 1 second per tap and no sensor moving is necessary;
● The sensors are shock resistant, which allow to be hit by hammer;
● One amplifier box can be used for two sensors;
● Channel number ranging from 8 to 32;
● The sensors and cables are mechanically more stable, thicker and therefore the system is more robust;
● Test result can be shown by colour images or 3D visualization;
● Can use Blue Tooth and USB in PC communication;
● Local after-sales service and maintenance are provided.

Cases Study
Lanyang School in Wuqiao County, Hebei

Stability testing on the wood structure of Lanyang School, which was built in 1712.
Wood flagpole in Hungarian Parliament Building

Wooden tower in Budakeszi, Budapest

Wood structure in Tiananmen
Main Products from Fakopp

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