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  From the "customer service service" to "customer service" business philosophy, is to enhance the service capabilities, is a leap!

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As a civil engineering equipment leading comprehensive solutions provider, the company set up customer service service department since its inception, so we are the same age and company departments. We always can provide long-term effective customer service product service and technical support as a key business go hand in hand with the development of our company for customers. So the company continues to expand the scale of business expansion at the same time, we improve the level of technical service is consistently attention, continue to strengthen the company's customer service service capabilities, the introduction of various types of personnel and technical experts; after 20 years of improvement, we not only in the number of personnel or organization structure according to customer requirements to develop market adaptability. Has a large number of rich experience in customer service service engineers, Everfount for domestic customers to enter the international advanced experience in engineering and measurement technology. Our service has won an excellent reputation and credibility in the customer base, every department staff have become customers in the work of the simptex friend.
Now dozens of customer service service engineers and technical experts are in our 11 offices, many staff has more than 10 years working experience in customer service service; there are dedicated to specific products for technical experts and engineers. Doctor, master's degree and senior professional engineers accounted for more than 80% of the entire customer service service team. All products classification Department has professional customer service service personnel. To fully serve domestic customers in a timely and effective manner.
In 2012, we officially renamed the "customer service", to customer demand, to provide more comprehensive services for customers, from product consultation and demonstration, to customer care, provide more professional and thoughtful service for you. Our customer service will continue as all users of professional and technical services team, to provide more comprehensive and professional technical support and customer service service for you in the future work.

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