Job Title Work Place Number Release Date
Sales Engineer Beijing 3men 2018/06/11
Operating duty:1, develop new customers, maintain old customers, customer visit;
2, with customer and internal quotation preparation;
3, collect feedback local market information and product application case;
4, complete personal business objectives.

Job requirements: 1, bachelor degree or above majored in civil engineering, geophysical, geological, surveying, measurement and control, electrical and mechanical engineering background;
2, with industrial products or equipment sales experience;
3, English application skills, fluency in written and spoken Mandarin, familiar with computer operation;

Expiration date:2018/07/30
Sales Assistant Beijing 1men 2018/06/11
Operating duty:

1, sales support: support the work of the sales staff, sales staff to assist the quotation, bidding etc.;

2, order management: responsible for order processing and follow-up orders;

3, sales management: assist office manager to manage the sales staff.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, major is not restricted;

2, 2 years of sales support, business, sales administration work experience;

3, patience, good clarity, good service consciousness.

Expiration date:2018/07/30
Technical Engineer (geophysical Beijing 1men 2018/06/11
Operating duty:

1, product data collection and research, translation;

2, responsible for marketing products;

3, support the sales staff, sales staff answer questions;

4, provide demonstration, training and testing services for customers;

5, responsible for communication with manufacturers.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above (graduate preferred), geophysical and geophysical applications, resources survey technology, seismology and seismic observation and other related professional;

2, more than 2 years working experience in equipment sales support; contact or use of geophysical equipment (electrical, magnetic, seismic, ground penetrating radar, logging, etc.), seismic observation equipment, underwater and marine surveying geophysical equipment;

3, good communication skills and team spirit;

4, able to travel, hard-working spirit.

Expiration date:2018/07/30
Marketing Specialist Beijing 1men 2018/06/11
Operating duty:

1, responsible for the marketing of products, including market research / analysis, exhibition / seminar organization planning, network marketing etc.;

2, responsible for the publicity points of refined products, and implement the promotion plan of writing;

3, complete the relevant work of other marketing.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree in marketing, business management or engineering background;

2, 5 years of relevant working experience.

3, strong communication skills, good writing skills, good team spirit.

Expiration date:2018/07/30
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