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Menard Pressuremeter Test
Release time:2018-07-09


enard Pressuremeter Test 

The pressuremeter test is an in-situ testing method used to test hard clays, dense sands and weathered rock which cannot be tested with push equipment while it achieve a quick measure of the in-situ stress-strain relationship of the soil and thus allows engineers to design foundations that will be stable in these conditions

ISO 22476-4 & ASTM D4719-07 

How it works? 
In principle, the pressuremeter test is performed by applying pressure to the sidewalls of a borehole and observing the corresponding deformation. 
The pressuremeter consists of two parts, the read-out unit which rests on the ground surface, and the probe that is inserted into the borehole (ground). The original Ménard-type pressuremeter was designed to be lowered into a performed hole and to apply uniform pressure to the borehole walls by means of inflatable flexible membrane. As the pressure increases, the borehole walls deform. The pressure is held constant for a given period and the increase in volume required for maintaining the constant pressure is recorded. A load-deformation diagram and soil characteristics can be deduced by measurement of the applied pressure and change in the volume of the expanding membrane. 

From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled pressure), a stress-strain curve can be obtained, in the case of plane deformation, which yields: 

the Ménard Pressuremeter modulus (EM)
the creep pressure (Pf)
the Ménard limit pressure (Pl)

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Data acquisition for pressuremeter data


GeoSPAD2 is a unique system, fully integrated into the Ménard Pressuremeter, which sends data directly to your GeoBOX: Reducing both material tidiness and installation time. It is user‐friendly, and totally compatible with pressuremeters already equipped with sensors. 


AUTOMATIC pressuremeter


The operator enters the different parameters of the test in GeoBOX (borehole number, depth of the test, pressure of 1st pressure stage etc…). As soon as the probe is lowered into the borehole to the required test depth, GeoBOX can launch the test execution. 

From now, GeoPAC controls ALL the sequences of the whole process: standard test, pressure loss, volume loss, probes bleeding. Pressure increments and pressure lag settings are also automated. During the entire process, GeoBOX offers a monitoring of the pending test on its screen (progression, real time view of the results, line graph etc…). At any time, the operator can decide to stop the test from GeoBOX.



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