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Missouri Bridge Decks GPR and IRT,A Case Study for Missouri Bridge Decks GPR and IRT
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Missouri Bridge Decks GPR and IRT





ground penetrating radar (GPR) and infrared thermographic (IRT) inspection of 36 bridge decks was conducted in Missouri, USA. The objectives were to provide an up-to-date assessment of the physical condition of the concrete decks, including the overall quantity of corrosion induced deteriorated concrete within the bridges and identification of locations where repairs may be required. The survey was conducted for the Missouri Department of Transportation. 

For this inspection two non-contacting, nondestructive test methods were utilized: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Thermography (IRT). The Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS), a vehicular based GPR inspection system installed with an array of one-nanosecond (1GHz), air-coupled (non-contacting) antennas, was used for the GPR tests. The Penetradar IRIS GPR equipment was developed under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) for the nondestructive evaluation of bridges and roadways,. Penetradar’s ThermaMap infrared thermographic bridge deck inspection system was used for the IRT deck inspection. Both the IRIS and ThermaMap systems are capable of high-speed inspection and quantitative assessment of bridge deck condition. 



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Earth Products China are excited to present to you Penetradar's new array of ground penetrating radar and infrared thermography products. A general description of Penetradar's GPR systems are as below:

  • The IRIS-P is a single channel GPR which can be configured for many applications, ranging from pavement inspection (airport and roadway) to site inspections of various types.
  • The IRIS-L, is a low cost, dual channel GPR. It is portable and can be used on-site for manual type site surveys or installed into a vehicle.
  • The IRIS-MP is a man-portable GPR. It is a single channel GPR available in 1GHz or 2GHz non-contacting versions.
  • The IRIS is a high-end, multichannel GPR that is recommended for high-speed, pavement layer mapping, subsurface voids and moisture detection, as well as bridge deck condition evaluation.







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Ground Contacting Antennas 
Uses for these antennas include detection of subsurface pipes and utilities, measurement of thick pavement layers, geotechnical applications including detection of underground storage tanks (UST’s) and for a wide variety of general site inspection applications. 

These antennas are housed in a rugged plastic enclosure for high durability and incorporate removable wheels for maximum mobility. 

These antennas are optimized for ground contacting operation and can be pulled manually or towed by a vehicle. But can also be suspended from a vehicle in close proximity to the ground and when properly installed can be operated at speeds up to 35MPH (55km/hr). 



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Non-contacting Antennas 

Penetradar non-contacting antennas are constructed of low dielectric material with a hard plastic outer covering for durability and high speed (60MPH/100km/hr) operation. 

These antennas are lightweight and compact, high performance TEM mode horn antenna/transceiver combinations designed for non-contacting GPR operation. 

These antennas are optimized for applied signals within the range the range of 0.5 ns to 2.0 ns and are available in both monostatic and bistatic configurations. Transceiver units are interchangeable depending on desired pulse width. 



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