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Load Cell Fault Finding
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Load Cell Fault Finding



We often get asked for fault finding tips and so we’ve put together a simple fault finding guide for a load cell system.
We have decided to split this guide into the following areas: the load cell and the signal conditioner.
We’ll start with the load cell...

The output from a load cell is tiny! Any small noise interference will show up and then be amplified by the signal conditioner. The longer the cable the greater the interference will be due to increased coupling.  It will be improved if screened twisted pair cable is used and with a good quality signal conditioner this will allow a lot of noise to be removed.
Physical noise from the surrounding environment is normal, especially in very sensitive load cells. This can be from all sorts of sources ranging from computer fans in close proximity to the load cell, to fork lift trucks driving nearby! The more sensitive your equipment is, the more significant the noise contribution will be to your measurement.
In figure 1 below, we can see a diagram of a load cell system.

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The LCD20 DIN rail mounted strain
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