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2018 earth pile testing technology seminar held in Zhengzhou Railway Station
Release time:2018-07-26
In May 10th, earth pile testing technology seminar held in Zhengzhou. The seminar is organized by the Henan Provincial Academy of Building Research Co. Ltd and Earth Products China Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Earth") jointly organized by the Zhengzhou foundation inspection agency association. The workshop of more than 200 people, nevertheless, gathered a large coffee, is a professional in the field of pile testing visual feast.
The meeting site, nevertheless
The meeting invited the National Engineering Pile Testing Committee, qualification assessment committee of experts, Chinese Institute of civil engineering mechanics and geotechnical engineering branch pile Association Committee, academic committee of Henan Province, Henan Province Institute of building foundation deputy chief engineer and geotechnical engineering chief engineer Mr. Zhao Haisheng, which combined with the construction environment of Henan area, share the application and precautions of pile dynamic test technology for the participants. Speech teaching, earnest attention of the participants. During the course of PPT to share their own experiences, Zhao teacher several times to combine drawing software to do manual drawing on the projection screen to do curve analysis, sit back and even several attendees stood watching, learning atmosphere!

Subsequently, earth pile product technical manager Mr. Li Xia, product manager Mr. Xu Xiaolin and deputy chief engineer of earth and nondestructive business manager Zhang Xiaoyan Ms. Zhang Xiaoyan also made a wonderful speech, to share the development strategy, the new technology in the field of foundation pile testing and the advantage of the application of engineering practice for the participants of the key.
Mr. Li Xia with its rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience, accurate analysis of the sound wave transmission method and low strain in the actual detection advantage, while sharing the experience method of data analysis and processing, reflects the professional technical team of the earth.
Mr. Xu Xiaolin to introduce the hole bottom sediment and the bearing stratum strength equipment SQUID hole bottom quality detection of America's new PDI, with the use of bored pile quality testing instrument SHAPE and thermal pile integrity testing of TIP equipment, providing strong technical support for quality control before and after reperfusion pile construction.
According to the U.S. Department of transportation application survey found in the construction of bored piles, the 79.5% were using NDT advanced equipment and technology, believe that the combination of NDT and pile testing technology will greatly improve our construction quality of bored pile. To this end, earth nondestructive division is responsible for Ms. Zhang Xiaoyan carried out a detailed analysis of the NDT advanced technology and application.
The meeting set the question and answer session, participants positive interaction and exchange of experience. There is no doubt that provide a wealth of valuable experience for the exchange of technology of pile testing work in the industry personnel.

This meeting not only shows in line with ergonomic piling analyzer PDA-8G and PIT-QFV pile integrity tester adopts low strain test technology of these two sets of pile testing equipment, featured the construction of advanced nondestructive testing instrument, including the Swiss Proceq manufacturers 2018 new UWB stepped frequency radar with GPR Live, ultrasonic array scanning imaging instrument MRIA1040, Q Silver Schmidt resiliometer, participants have stopped in front of the booth, technical exchanges and technical personnel warm earth!
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