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GDS Chinese User Conference
Release time:2018-07-09


GDS Chinese User Conference





Earth Products China, GDS’ exclusive Chinese agent, organised the 3rd Chinese user conference in November. The event hosted over 100 experts and scholars from across the geotechnical industry, to discuss current & new technologies and how to make better use of GDS' geotechnical instrumentation. The first Chinese user conference was held in Hangzhou in 2008. Due to its success and popularity, a second conference was held in 2013 in Wuhan and again this year in Nanjing.




GDS’ equipment has been used in China for over two decades. With more than 160 active users, 330 systems in the field and over 500 published papers (using GDS' apparatus), GDS have established themselves as the first choice for geotechnical testing apparatus in China. The user conferences allow system users to share their research and experiences of GDS and learn about the lastest technologies on offer. The Multi-direction Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear was one of the many mentioned system.




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Multi- Direction Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear 







The MDDCSS allows simple shear to be performed in two directions, rather than the standard single. This is achieved by having a secondary shear actuator that acts at 90 degrees to the primary shear actuator.







The MDDCSS also allows the application of a confining pressure to the sample.This allows specimens to be back-pressure saturated, with excess pore pressures directly recorded during simple shear tests. When used as a variable direction machine, the secondary shear axis can be used independently of the other shear axis or in conjunction, therefore simple shear may be performed in any horizontal direction.








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