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Share the related knowledge of concrete resiliometer.
Release time:2018-06-19
The concrete rebound hammer is the latest development of high quality mechanical resiliometer production. This product adopts many advanced technologies to the traditional resiliometer for a number of revolutionary improvements. The product complies with GB/T9138 standard "rebound tester".
The 1. generation of rebound instrument with long service life
Each one of the important parts of resiliometer do system technical improvement, strict quality control process can greatly improve the overall performance of resiliometer, prolong the equipment maintenance cycle and service life.
2. shell color coating, elastic rubber paint
Viscoelastic shell with elastic rubber paint spraying for damping the vibration and noise, and has a special soft touch and high elastic surface feel; impact resistance, recovery, feel soft, smooth and uniform film strong chemical resistance.
3. are lightweight shell greatly reduces the intensity of your work
The instrument shell is made of a polymer composite material with excellent impact strength. This material because of its excellent impact strength, creep resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation, is widely used in the field of aviation, construction machinery, etc.. Jinwei -- it will be used for the detection of concrete resiliometer shell, low carbon efficient achievement weapon.
First, the concrete rebound hammer
According to GB/T9138-1988 standard and JJG817-93 protocol and JGJ/T23-2011 technology. The concrete rebound tester is suitable for the detection of general building components, bridges and various components (Quan plate, beam, column, bridge) strength.
Two, concrete rebound instrument characteristics
1) the center guide rod is made of imported materials, high precision and abrasion resistance;
2) shell made of polymer composite materials, elastic master good sense, to avoid the on-site operations damage the instrument, prolong the service life;
3) pointer slider with external spring ring structure, both for the friction adjustment, and can ensure the pointer shaft and pointer slider friction evenly, ensure the accuracy of the instrument. Relative to peer products and high precision, high quality and low price, long service life.
Three, concrete rebound tester technical parameters
Measuring range: 10-60Mpa
The nominal impact kinetic energy (0.225Kgf.m): 2.207J
Elastic hammer stroke: 75mm
Static friction block pointer: 0.5N + 0.8N
The bomb hit bar spherical radius of curvature of SR:25mm + 1mm
Instrument calibration rebound average rebound value + Rm:80 steel anvil 2
Size: 54 x 278mm.
Weight: about 0.8Kg
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