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Earth introduces the characteristics of digital resiliometer
Release time:2018-06-19
1, Digital resiliometer "Hammer" technical specification for inspection of concrete strength of independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights.
2, the integrated structure design at first, the rebound instrument and rebound sensor organic integration, without any connection, convenient carrying, low failure rate.
3, digital resiliometer pioneered the use of liquid crystal display true color, 176 x 220 resolution, full Chinese interface, easy to operate.
4, the unique value of rebound voice prompt function, without viewing screen can know the rebound value, improve the detection efficiency of inspectors.
5, rebound tester sensor using metal grating sensor non-contact, completely avoid the easy way or the other contact type potentiometer using sampling method in mechanical wear, poor contact and other defects, and has high precision, long life and other characteristics, while retaining the mechanical pointer gauge.
6, can be connected with the infrared transmission of the portable printer, the scene can generate test report.
7, the large capacity data storage, can store up to 200 standard component, a standard component can be detected 99 test areas, fully meet the needs of practical testing work.
8, built in the national unified curve, and can increase the area or special curve, replaced by the user at any time, can store up to 20 curve.
9, digital resiliometer / rebound instrument components and test area parameters can be input, and automatically calculate the results.
10, automatic function of eliminating outliers, the rebound value can be set by the user on the floor, and the screen and voice.
11, using the USB communication interface and virtual U disk, there is no need to install any drivers, can export data or replace the special strength curve.
12, with real-time clock calendar function, test date and time can be automatically recorded in each component.
Low power consumption management function 13, advanced, can set the screen backlight, voice volume, auto sleep, and automatic shutdown function, improve equipment use time.
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