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Vanguard wings -- the ninth China UAV conference and Exhibition 2018-07-11

Hold time: 2018/6/13 Venue: Beijing Earth will participate in this meeting, welcome to visit the exchange booth to peer!

The world transportation Summit (WTC) 2018-07-11

Hold time: 2018/6/18 Venue: Beijing In order to promote the innovation and development of Chinas transportation, further promote international exchanges and cooperation with The Belt and Road transportation infrastructure interoperability,

2018 of the third Chinese international UAV system Expo 2018-07-11

Hold time: 2018/6/22 Venue: Shenzhen Earth as Microstrain brand China agent service provider, will participate in the 2018 session of the third Chinese international UAV system Expo, bring the unique characteristics of the inertial navigati

The 2018 Shanghai auto show test 2018-07-11

Hold time: 2018/9/25 Venue: Shanghai Earth as TML brand China sole agent, will participate in the 2018 automotive testing and quality control (China), Expo bring strain, unique sensor, test instrument and other auto testing products and rel

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