TML - TMR-300 Multi-Recorder Small Multi-channel Data Acquisition System
Data Acquisition Systems
    Model: TMR-300 Series
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: Multi-recorder TMR-300 Series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system that can combine various measurement units according to the purpose of measurement.
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Multi-recorder TMR-300 Series is a compact multi-channel data acquisition system that can combine various measurement units according to the purpose of measurement. Due to its compact size and light weight, the system can be easily installed for measurement not only on existing structures such as machines and bridges in which the installation space is restricted, but also on moving bodies such as automobiles, aircrafts and ships. For the measurement of automobiles, the system is applicable to sensors used for various purposes of tests including traveling performance, maneuverability, ride comfort and safety
Up to ten measurement units for inputting sensors can be connected together and placed in a small space, or each measurement unit can be installed in the vicinity of sensors by connecting the measurement units in series with a control cable. Furthermore, the use of distribution unit allows synchronized measurement of measurement units installed in a wide area.
The control unit is equipped with interfaces for control. Various settings and start/stop of measurement is controlled using the display unit. Control is also possible from a personal computer through USB or LAN interface. The built-in wireless LAN enables operation and monitor display using a tablet PC. (Built-in wireless LAN is not available for overseas model.)
In addition, synchronization unit for TMR-200, CAN-GPS unit TMR-351 and IEPE sensor input unit TMR-361 are now under development.

Connection possible for up to ten input/output units
This is a unit which plays a central role in small multi-channel data acquisition system multi-recorder. It controls various input/output units, supplies power to them and collect data from them. One control unit can control ten input/output units of various types, which enables measurement of 80 points at the maximum. Operation and monitoring is possible using a tablet PC through the built-in wireless LAN. (Built-in wireless LAN is not available for overseas model.)
8 points of Strain (and Voltage using optional cable)
8 points of Strain: Applicable gauge resistance 120Ω, 350Ω
8 points of Strain, 5kHz AC bridge excitation
DC voltage measurement :±52V
Thermocouple T, K, J DC voltage :±20V
Voltage output of measured value obtained by other measurement unit
Star-type connection of measurement units, Maximum extension 100m
Connection between distribution unit and measurement unit
Display with touch panel: For monitoring, measurement, setting, data management, etc.
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