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GDS虚拟无限刚度加载试验系统最近经历了一次升级改造,包括更新了系统外观设计以及更新软件。GDSVIS是GDS系列中最重要的加载系统,荷载范围包括100, 250, 400 以及 500Kn。GDSVIS的设计使其刚度高于其他经典荷载架。从而能更精确地测试较硬的样品减少设备依从性。此外,每个GDSVIS都能做内部校准,允许自动补偿残余的依从性。



尺寸 Nominal Size: 2.3m x 1.0m x 0.96m
位移精度 0.05% of full range
位移范围 100mm
荷载范围 (kN) 100, 250, 400, 500
电源 92-265v, A.C. 48-440Hz, 65w maximum, single phase three wire earthed supply, 2A fuse x 2
测量和控制分辨率 <0.1% full range, displacement = 0.1micrometre


Key features Benefits to the user
Load-deformation relationship: The GDSVIS is calibrated to provide precise data on the load-deformation relationship of the entire load application and load measuring system, which is then automatically used for self compensation.
Built in feedback: All VIS frames have feedback control and continuous display of axial load and platen displacement to allow simple and confident control of force and displacement.
Automatic correction: VIS provides automatic correction for system compliance, a common cause of error, which can under-estimate results of sample stiffness.
Column strength: The 500kN load frame has been built with 4 columns for extra strength and rigidity and can hold a cell size with a 700mm outer cell diameter.
Electro-mechanical actuators that give superior performance, reduce space and provide cost savings: Electro-mechanical actuators can carry out tests with greater accuracies than comparable pneumatic actuators. Mains powered means no external noisy power packs and opposed to pneumatic systems electro-mechanical systems draw only the power that is required. 
Standalone Control: The GDSVIS load frame can be controlled via the keypad in terms of load or displacement with no requirements for a data logger or control PC and software.
Mechanical upper beam lift as standard: Lead screw based lift system for the upper beam. Which, eases movement and positioning of the cross beam.
Advanced Trajectory generation: Ensures smooth transition between current trajectory and a new target trajectory.

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